Start Now

Recently I’ve developed a habit of reading about something I want to do instead of, you know, doing it.

Just this morning I woke up and thought “I really want to start meditating daily” and I grabbed my phone to look up meditation and classes and retreats and books and documentaries and methods. I realized how silly I was being and decided to just start now. I popped a meditation playlist on Spotify, put my phone on silent and sat with my brain chaos for 20 minutes.

It was lovely.

When I was done I realized that because my phone was silent I missed the timer for my laundry being done and ran to switch it where I ran into a neighbor and talked about pool maintenance training and then came back home where my daughter was complaining of starvation and boredom and a cough that wont go away. Ha! Good thing I gifted myself that 20 minutes!

I’m leaving this reminder here to start now, whatever it is you (or I) have been putting off. Like now. Get off the computer and do it! 🙂