New Year’s Musings

My blog was throwing a fit so I couldn’t post on New Year’s Day. Which turned out to be awesome because I had more time to reflect!

2013 was pretty much exactly what I wanted it to be. After the hectic (wonderful) chaos of 2012, I wanted calm and home and simple and quiet. I only did one hoop/stilt performance and all that free time I acquired from leaving the troupe really made a difference in my overall sense of peace.

I hiked, started yoga, saw some concerts, took two mini-vacations with my husband, went camping twice, roller skated a LOT, danced in the pouring rain with my friends in Vegas, learned a little ukulele, successfully and dramatically changed my diet, knitted many cowls, taught hoop dance to middle schoolers, kayaked, used power tools, spent tons of time with our Unschooling community, started learning spanish, minimized more than ever before, visited Colorado with some of my favorite people, experienced my very first and second snow falls, and most excellently- celebrated the simple joys of every day life with my incredible kids. I watched them both turn another year older and meet the world with new perspective.

For 2014, my hope and expectation is that I meet whatever comes up gracefully. We are moving to the Co-housing Community in less than a month and that will be a huge change. I will be leading the Tucson meetup group for The Minimalists. I will be continuing yoga and plan to get into acro-stilting. I want to play my ukulele more, and learn more Spanish. I want to grow more food. I want to learn how to work on my bicycle and start using it. I want to sweep my husband off his feet. I want to sweep myself off my feet!