Play a Game and Get Rid of Your Stuff

In October, myself and several friends participated in this game hosted by The Minimalists. At first, I felt like I really wouldn’t be able to make it through the month. I didn’t think I had enough to get rid of because I’m constantly purging stuff and had just done a big cull in September. Boy, was I ever wrong!

What began as a game I didn’t think I needed to play, ended up helping me push through some layers of holding-on and really make some headway towards my goals. I documented it on Instagram with my friends, and having that accountability and seeing their progress was the perfect encouragement to keep going through the month.


I didn’t even come close to photographing everything I got rid of, which I regretted by the end of the month as my options were dwindling. For the first two weeks I was getting rid of way more than I “needed” to for each day, so by the end I was really having to dig for things.

The result is a much clearer, tidier, organized home and the added benefit that our upcoming move will be much simpler.

This isn’t to say there is nothing in my home we don’t need. On the contrary, there is still plenty that I would like to see go. However, my commitment to not letting my personal minimalist goals create strife with the rest of my family means leaving some things alone. It’s still much closer to my ideal than before, and I encourage anyone wanting to make some big changes to play this game. It works for anyone, whether you’re just beginning to purge your possessions or if you’ve been at it a long time. Pick a month, any month, ask a friend (or several) to play along and get at it!

If you blog your experience, I’d love to see it so leave a link in the comments.